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We are not just a company; we are architects of change, sculpting a future where passion meets purpose.

Project fulfillment

We will reach out 1 week prior to our certain opening and gather any additional info that we may need (weather permitting) Our project manager will call 2 days prior to start for scheduling specifics, from that point on our project manager will handle all customer request and project needs, upon completion our secretary will reach out to request feedback so we can continue to improve our customer experiences.

Emerald Interior Acrylic Latex Paint

This acrylic latex paint provides good washability and coverage with a formula that helps prevent stains from penetrating, prevents water streaking, and covers dark colors. With its anti-microbial agents*, this all-in-one interior paint and primer inhibits the formation of mold and mildew on the paint surface, leaving walls with an exquisite gloss that speaks for itself.

SuperPaint Interior Acrylic Latex

SuperPaint makes painting easier. This hybrid interior paint and primer dries quickly and applies smoothly, providing good concealment to help with color changes. In addition to its smooth look, SuperPaint® coating creates a surface that is resistant to washing and has a long-lasting finish.

looking for professional painting services?

Welcome to the world of interior painting! Your home’s interior is a reflection of your personal style and should be a source of comfort and relaxation. But, with so many contractors out there, it can be hard to know who to trust. That’s where Desirable Companies comes in! We’re experts in interior painting and have been transforming homes for over 3 generations. With us, you can trust that your home will receive the highest level of professionalism and quality. We take the time to understand your vision, and bring it to life with precision and care.

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What Takes Place When a Painting Job Is Completed?

We have created an interior painting system that complies with the strictest industry guidelines. This provides a long-lasting finish in addition to attractive walls, ceilings, baseboards, windows, door frames, and doors.

To guarantee the quality of our work, we employ thorough work orders and checklists, which we review with you during the job’s completion.

To make sure that only the greatest and most capable painters are working on your home, we thoroughly screen our candidates. That’s why we provide a three-year warranty to support the artistry of our painters. We only recommend the best products, and you are free to select the one that best suits your needs.

Five Painting Ideas for Sellers of Houses

Making your house enticing to buyers is important if you are getting ready to list it for sale. Making a blank surface that allows the prospective new owners to see their new lives inside the home’s walls is the best method to do that. Fortunately, doing so is not too difficult. These five painting jobs for house sellers will make your house look better.

Front Door painting

Consider your home’s front door as its “first impression.” It goes without saying that you want to make a good impression on prospective buyers, and painting your front door is a terrific way to start off on the right foot.

There are two approaches to take in this. You may paint the door a striking color that draws the eye— something vivid and striking. That could, however, be a double-edged sword. While it could attract attention, some purchasers might be put off by it if they believe the door needs to be painted again. Generally speaking, it’s ideal to go for something tidy and welcoming.

5 Years Bulletproof Warranty

We offer a five-year warranty for all our painting projects using Sherwin Williams Paints. 

Full Insured And Licensed

We’re fully insured & licensed painting contractors in the state of Ohio, and we’re able to provide the necessary documents upon request.

Transparent Pricing

No hidden charges – what we state is what you will pay. All charges will be thoroughly discussed at the time of the estimate by our project manager.

On Schedule

Consistently punctual, we provide a comprehensive timeframe for the completion of your painting project. However, occasional weather-related delays may occur.

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cabinet painting services in Richfield, ohio

Cabinet Painting

Your cabinets should have a neutral tone, be spotless, and be welcoming, just like the rest of your house. Painting your cabinets is a terrific way to add value to your house and make it seem traditional and welcoming, which will appeal to potential buyers. White is a great color choice for cabinets.

High contrast can also be effectively added to kitchen cabinets. You can design a place that is both eye-catching and unique by painting the doors bright while leaving the cabinets dark. Using high-quality paint from Sherwin Williams that has been certified, increases the value of the home and is one of the most important painting jobs for home sellers.

Interior walls painting

There are many fantastic wall color options available, depending on the atmosphere you want to create in your home. But it’s always preferable to neutralize the area and provide a “canvas” that makes it easier for sellers to picture how the house can work for them when selling. It is therefore recommended that the interior walls be painted a light shade of beige, off-white, or light gray.

Additionally, you should take off any wall wallpaper. Most individuals would much rather not bother with wallpaper, which has become outdated. The best course of action is to remove it properly and repaint the wall.

By keeping the trims white and the walls a shade darker, you may increase the contrast. On the other hand, painting the walls white will lighten the room and give the impression that it is larger. Desirable Companies can assist you in selecting the best solution for your home out of all these excellent choices.

Although it could be tempting to limit your painting to one or two rooms, it’s actually preferable to paint the entire house. It’s similar to pressing the reset button on the house; it creates a fresh vibe that appeals to purchasers throughout the entire space.


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We provide both residential and commercial painting, pressure washing and windows installation services in Cuyahoga County and the surrounding suburbs.

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