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It is invaluable to hire a firm that offers product expertise, skilled painters, and warranties along with their job. They aren’t standing behind the quality of their painter’s work or their products if there is no warranty. You have a lot of options when choosing the best business for your project. Make sure to thoroughly investigate both the firm and the products that will be utilized by asking questions, examine reviews, get recommendations, or request to see a sample of the company’s previous work.

Can I paint over the doors and cabinets?

Is it possible? Yes, without a doubt. Would you like to? That’s where things become a little more difficult. Taking everything into account, we advise against just painting over them. Spending a little more time and attention on the paint job will pay off if you want it to look and feel at its finest and last for a long time.

Although painting your doors and cabinets without sanding is an option, we don’t really advise it. Sanding helps to smooth out the surface and remove the top layer of paint, providing a surface for the new coat to stick to. Painting bare wood is not necessary, but it certainly doesn’t hurt.


Sanding, however, requires more than simply prep labor. Sanding should be done three times while painting for optimal results.

Sanding before painting is called pre-sanding. This is to remove any existing clear coat or primer from your cabinets. Your freshly painted doors and cabinets will not genuinely stick to you if you don’t do this. Instead, it will solidify into the remaining paint. When it occurs, the paint contracts and causes peeling and cracking, completely damaging the paint work. To get a high-quality paint job, pre-sanding is a must.

Sanding should be done again after applying the primer. This facilitates the topcoat’s adhesion to the surface and helps to even out the finish.

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Curious to see evidence of our exceptional commercial and residential painting services, along with our commitment to surpassing competitors? Just inquire with any of our over 780 contented local clients. They will attest that at Desirable Companies, prioritizing our customers’ needs and treating each home as if it were our own.

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We exceed expectations in delivering an outstanding customer experience, evident in our impressive overall five-star rating. Starting from your initial inquiry for a quote to the completion of the project, we emphasize a responsive and collaborative service that values both your time and property.

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With extensive experience in the local painting industry, we boast years of accumulated knowledge and training. Our team comprises skilled master painters, proficient window installers, and estimators, alongside some of the most accomplished cabinet refinishers in the region.

5 Years Bulletproof Warranty

We offer a five-year warranty for all our painting projects using Sherwin Williams Paints. 

Full Insured And Licensed

We’re fully insured & licensed painting contractors in the state of Ohio, and we’re able to provide the necessary documents upon request.

Transparent Pricing

No hidden charges – what we state is what you will pay. All charges will be thoroughly discussed at the time of the estimate by our project manager.

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Consistently punctual, we provide a comprehensive timeframe for the completion of your painting project. However, occasional weather-related delays may occur.

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Your doors and cabinets are now finished after three sanding sessions. You could easily cut corners here, but the errors will become immediately apparent to you and the rest of the group. To achieve the desired effect, it is essential to take the appropriate amount of time to sand and paint. This is why hiring professionals to paint your kitchen cabinets is usually preferable since they will provide the closest finish possible to what comes from the factory.

And they are the best three products for painting kitchen cabinets. While it is possible to complete this task on your own, hiring a professional to do it for you will make it look much nicer and be much simpler. Make sure you comprehend what doors and cabinets quote might include, though, before you start shopping.

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At Desirable Companies, we provide financing choices, warranties, color design, and free estimates. We have liability insurance and worker’s compensation for each and every one of our crews. We aren’t the cheapest painters around, but all of these factors contribute to guaranteeing the caliber of their work. However, we aim to assist in demystifying the quotation process. 

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We provide both residential and commercial painting, pressure washing and windows installation services in Cuyahoga County and the surrounding suburbs.

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