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The best painting supplies for kitchen cabinets

These are some of the most popular paints for kitchen cabinets, and you can choose to paint them yourself or have a professional do it for you:

  • PPG Breakthrough
  • Benjamin Moore Advance
  • Emerald by Sherwin Williams

When painting kitchen cabinets, which paint should I use?

What kind of product is best for painting kitchen cabinets in Cleveland, Ohio? is probably the first question that comes to mind while remodeling your kitchen. Does the optimal outcome require the purchase of a particular product?

The quick answer is that paints made specifically for cabinets do exist. We shall discuss some of the many possibilities that are available shortly. If there’s one thing you should know about paint designed specifically for cabinets, it’s usually harder than paint for the outside or other interior surfaces.

What paint is “harder”? In essence, it is more resilient. Cabinets will often be wiped down, opened, and closed. In these circumstances, typical wall paint would start to chip very soon. Paint for cabinets won’t. The paint functions as a barrier.


Sherwin williams emerald

One of the most well-known and easily accessible paint brands available is Sherwin Williams. Their high-end Emerald paint range is highly popular, particularly for painting kitchen cabinets. When we previously compared Sherwin Williams products, Emerald stood out as one of the best. Emerald provides a lustrous, silky finish and several great long-term advantages, such as:

  • Outstanding resistance to yellowing
  • It is exceptionally robust, which makes it perfect for regularly cleaned areas.
  • Lifetime limited warranty

Emerald is a great choice for those seeking a simple fix. Sherwin Williams Emerald has an enamel finish that gives it an extraordinary point hardness that makes it long-lasting and durable, and it usually takes fewer coats to achieve maximum coverage.

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Benjamin Moore Advance

Another convenient thing about PPG Breakthrough is that it doesn’t need a topcoat. That makes it an excellent option if you choose to complete the task alone. That does not imply that it is flawless, though. PPG is difficult to level out for a smooth finish, so you will need to be very careful. This isn’t always the case with other well-known brands.

Benjamin Moore is a high-end paint brand and a significant rival of Sherwin Williams, you shouldn’t be shocked to hear that they provide some of the best products available. Painting kitchen cabinets is a perfect use for their Advance line. The following are a few of the causes:

  • Outstanding application ensures that the final product is always silky to the touch.
  • It is quite difficult once it has cured.
  • Little VOC content.

Volatile organic compounds are referred to as VOCs. These are mostly used as a medium to smooth out the application and apply transfer paint to the appropriate surface. If a paint contains VOCs, you should use a mask and the appropriate safety gear to avoid long-term damage. But the VOCs dissipate and become safe after the paint has cured completely.

Benjamin Moore is a well-liked alternative for do-it-yourselfers due to its smooth application on surfaces. Professional painters also like it because of the excellent effects that can be obtained with it.

But Benjamin Moore takes a while to dry, especially in comparison to PPG’s Breakthrough paint, which dries more quickly.

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PPG breakthrough

PPG’s flagship product is called Breakthrough. Although PPG paints are generally more reasonably priced, their Breakthrough brand is a good choice for people seeking high-performance paint at a fair cost. Among Breakthrough’s advantages are the following:

  • A high degree of rigidity
  • Superior adherence to surfaces with a high paint finish, such as metal
  • Initial block resistance
  • Incredibly short dry time
  • The term “hardness” describes how well the paint resists abrasion and normal use. The longer the paint job lasts, the better the hardness.

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